120L Trash Bins

INDOOR & OUTDOOR USAGE - Wide range of customers

  • Neighborhoods, public services & works
  • Compounds/ gated communities & residential property - Universities & schools
  • Malls & Commercial districts (shops, restaurants, cafes etc.)
  • Office buildings, companies & small business
  • Factories & warehouses
  • Hospitals, laboratories and medical centers


Weight and Dimensions  
Container volume      (l)        120    
Carrying weight        (kg)       60    
Total weight             (kg)        9     
Overall height (H)     (mm)     945    
Overall width (W)     (mm)     485    
Overall depth (L)      (mm)     550    
Wheel diameter (mm) 2 rubber wheels Ø 200 

McClean offers a wide range of mobile garbage bins (MGB) and waste containers, fitted for ergonomic design and robust features.
Adherence to standards
The product line is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 processes and complies to EN840, the recognized European Standard for the manufacture of mobile garbage bins (MGB) and its health and safety requirements.
Wide color scheme
Availability of a wide color palette in sync with waste stream standards
Long service life 
Manufactured from virgin polyethylene of high density (HDPE) for additional strength and longer life durability
UV Resistance & Other
Special additives for UV- stabilization provide outstanding ageing characteristics in addition to resistance to decay, frost, heat and a wide range of chemicals
Fitted for transponders: Yes
Ideal for separate waste collection given its suitability for EN lifting equipment
Noise reduction
Compliant with noise reduction regulations using quiet running rubber tires and tight fitting axle
All container parts & accessories are recyclable at the end of the product cycle
Multiple applications
120l bins come in handy with street & neighborhood garbage, shop & restaurant refuse and office building waste
Indoor & Outdoor Use
McClean’s 120l bins are designed for indoor and outdoor use given their tolerance to a wide range of weather conditions such as heat, frost, rain etc.
Raw material
Made from virgin high quality UV resistant HDPE material providing good strength, superior processing performance and excellent impact resistance 
The Benefits of HDPE 
• Light & safe to transport, stack & handle
• Eco-friendly & Recyclable
• Impact Resistant and has long life span
• Frost-proof, Water-proof & Rot-proof
• UV Resistant
Weight/Load efficiency
A 120l trash bin has a weight of 9 kg while its carrying capacity is 60 kg, in other words it carries a garbage load of approx. 7 times its weight
The standard bin color is green. However, customers have a wide variety of lid colors to choose from, to indicate the type of waste the bin carries.  Separating different waste streams at source (also called source separation) plays a crucial role in facilitating waste collection, reuse & recycling, as well as applying sustainable solid waste management practices.

The lid’s strip handle facilitates bin opening effortlessly and contributes to its durability
The ergonomically designed back handle is designed for easy mobility and handling
The 120l trash bin is fitted with two rear wheels to facilitate container movement and handling, using a tilted position by the person in charge
The 120l waste bins are compatible with street cleaning trolleys using single and double bins. Moreover, the bins are compatible with multi-function cleaning trolleys used across the hotelier & food business as well as across the health care industry
McClean’s 120l garbage bin containers are optimized for stacking and transporting, saving storage space and related logistics costs
McClean has considered full compliance to the EN 840 standards when it comes to the production and testing of the 120l bin and its choice of features