50L Mounted Bins

INDOOR & OUTDOOR USAGE - Wide range of customers

  • Neighborhoods, public services & works
  • Compounds/ gated communities
  • Sport clubs & amusement parks
  • Open green areas (parks & gardens)
  • University campuses & schools
  • Commercial districts (shops, restaurants, cafes etc(
  • Parking areas
McClean’s 50l bins are designed for urba
n space, mainly to be placed on street corners, outside shops and on busy roads, frequently walked & visited. They are perfectly tailored for the city life as well as for campus and compound environments to reduce littering and maintain a healthy and aesthetically pleasant social environment. We offer two models for the 50l bins, namely the free standing bins and the pole mounted bins.


Weight and Dimensions

Container volume (l) 50
Total Weight /Unit  (kg) 4.5 
Carrying load (kg) 20
Dimensions/Unit (mm) L443xW343xH740

Data Sheet

McClean offers a litter bin and waste containers, fitted for ergonomic design and robust features
Adherence to standards
The product line is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 processes and complies to DIN 30713

Long service life
Manufactured from virgin polyethylene of high density (HDPE) for additional strength and longer life durability

Corrosion-resistant accessories
Stand & handle manufactured from nickeled steel
Chassis manufactured from galvanized steel

UV Resistance & Other
Special additives for UV- stabilization provide outstanding ageing characteristics in addition to resistance to decay, frost, heat and a wide range of chemicals

All container parts & accessories are recyclable at the end of the product cycle

Indoor & Outdoor Use
McClean’s 50l bins are designed for indoor and outdoor use given their tolerance to a wide range of weather conditions such as heat, frost, rain etc.

Raw material
Made from virgin high quality UV resistant HDPE material providing good strength, superior processing performance and excellent impact resistance
The Benefits of HDPE
Light & safe to transport, stack & handle
Eco-friendly & Recyclable
Impact Resistant and has long life span
Frost-proof, Water-proof & Rot-proof
UV Resistant
Weight/Load Efficiency
A 50l litter bins has a weight of 4.5 kg while its carrying capacity is 20 kg, in other words it carries a garbage load of approx. 4 times its weight.
Weight/Load Efficiency
The standard 50l bin colors are green and orange. However, special color arrangement can be made for customers when needed.
Fitted Features
Easy to assemble
Pivot-action bin release and locking mechanism
Curved hood (lid)
Anti-burst lock - key to open, slam to lock
Comes with a stand for wall or pole mounting
Stubbier plate helps extinguish smoldering cigarettes.
A locking system is introduced with a provided triangular key to prevent unauthorized use by anyone outside the maintenance company & team
McClean’s 50l bins are easy to handle. When emptying, the person in charge needs to unlock the lid (hood) with the special triangular key and discharge the content of the bin into the nearest big garbage container or into the garbage truck directly
A mounting system manufactured from galvanized steel for protection against corrosion, holds the bin high, facilitating easy installation on streetlamps, posts, walls etc.

The lid has a large opening for easy insertion of waste, designed to prevent water ingress.
The bin has space on the front to display a customized logo or writing
It comes quite handy with corporate social responsibility initiatives & campaigns targeting public space cleanliness, acknowledging the donor companies & entities