400L Pushcart /Tricycle Bins

USAGE - Wide range of customers

  • Public works & services/ street & neighborhood garbage collection
  • Industrial cities/ factories/ warehouses
  • Back end use garbage disposal at compounds & gated communities
  • Back end use garbage disposal at malls & market places
  • Back end use at hotels/ universities & schools
  • Tailored market interactions & street trade
Bin carts provide the user with a steady forward-pushing position, additional maneuverability and undemanding operation. They are quite handy when it comes to back end garbage collection and market place interaction.
Bin Tricycles are used best in areas that are spread out and for wide distance coverage. Moreover, they are quite advantageous when it comes to unfavorable street conditions (such as hilly slopes/ highways/ poorly paved streets/ new residential & industrial settlements), as they save time and human effort as well as facilitate access to garbage collection points and trucks.


Weight and Dimensions   
A) Pushcart Bin   
Container volume       (l)            400   
Total weight                (kg)          33.5   
Carrying weight         (kg)          180   
Dimensions                (mm)        L1250xW815xH915   
B) Tricycle Bin   
Container volume         (l)           400   
Container weight         (kg)         33.5 w/o tricycle weight   
Carrying weight           (kg)         180   
Dimensions                 (mm)        L2380xW915xH1240

McClean offers a wide range of mobile garbage bins (MGB) and waste containers, fitted for ergonomic design and robust features
Adherence to standards
The product line is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 processes and complies to EN840, the recognized European Standard for the manufacture of mobile garbage bins (MGB) and its health and safety requirements
Long service life 
Manufactured from virgin polyethylene of high density (HDPE) for additional strength and longer life durability
UV Resistance & Other
Special additives for UV- stabilization provide outstanding ageing characteristics in addition to resistance to decay, frost, heat and a wide range of chemicals
Noise reduction
Compliant with noise reduction regulations using quiet running rubber tires and tight fitting axle
All container parts & accessories are recyclable at the end of the product cycle
Multiple applications
400l bins come in handy with public works & neighborhood garbage, factory & warehouse waste, back end garbage disposal as well as street trade interactions

The Benefits of HDPE 
Light & safe to transport, stack & handle
Eco-friendly & Recyclable
Impact Resistant and has long life span
Frost-proof, Water-proof & Rot-proof
UV Resistant

The standard bin colors are green and grey. However, special color arrangement can be made for customers if needed. 

High durability & stress resistance given the careful design and reinforced body construction, particularly at the rear edges 
A robust lid is responsible for easy handling. The lid cover consists of two sides fixed to each other with a piano hinge in the middle, for easy opening and removing when emptying

Two ergonomic handles are provided on the side of the bin container

Pushcart Bins are fitted with two large front wheels Ø 500 mm and two back swivel wheels Ø 150 mm, facilitating container movement and handling. The two swivel wheels have foot operated brake to control bin movement and avoid bin sliding away when standing on a slope
Tricycle Bins, on the other hand, have three large rubber wheels Ø500 mm to facilitate container movement and handling across spread out areas and for wide distance coverage. 

A foot pedal is added at the back swivel wheel to facilitate bin tilting and trash emptying